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P.O. Box 437, Waterford QLD 4133
Transducer Poles Australia
TRANSDUCER POLES AUSTRALIA are proudly Australian made and are built tough for marine conditions.
All Tranducer Poles Australia product are designed and manufactured by Rob Payne Engineering in his workshop in Brisbane, Queensland.
Rob Payne Engineering began selling its Australian made and designed transducer poles in June 2019 with a range of poles to suit Garmin and Lowrance Live units.

Meticulously designed to endure the harsh environments experienced by anglers in fresh, and particularly saltwater conditions, precision machined poles and mounting systems have been manufactured to mount securely on gunwhales & rails using using the RAM system of components.  Keeping designs simple, yet hard-wearing, was of top priority to create one of the most user friendly poles on the market.

At the beginning of 2020, poles were designed to suit the Humminbird units that were hitting the market.    Kits are now available for today’s new Humminbird release.

Early in 2021 we designed an extension piece to fit the 1400mm poles to give added length for the comfort of anglers using the poles.  Extensions are also available for 1600mm poles.   For those requiring longer poles for higher sided boats, a telescopic pole was developed so that anglers, particularly in the offshore scene,  didn’t have to deal with cumbersome and heavy longer poles.

Ben Jobb used the transducer pole on his boat for 5 days straight at the barra classic
Garmin Pro-team member Luke Fallon uses the transducer pole on his charters

In 2021, Rob Payne Engineering founded Transducer Poles Australia coinciding with the introduction of his latest offering, the Ultra and Ultra HD (heavy duty) poles which is now one of our most popular tranducer poles.

Always looking to improve and offer more choice, carbon poles were made available as an alternative to aluminium poles offering an even more lightweight yet ultra strong pole for anglers.

Wanting to offer whole live solutions, quick release mounts, power points and innovative fold-down sounder mounting systems have been developed so that all bases are covered for the discerning scoper who wants a quality set-up with pricing that won’t break the budget.

After 5 years of manufacturing poles, plenty of user feedback and 35 years of engineering experience, our latest design – the Ultra Free Bearing Mounting Block is what we believe to be the pinnacle in mounts.  The Ultra Free Mounting Block gives anglers a superior smooth operation of their pole which in turn gives a clearer and crisper return on the screen.  We’re super proud of our creations from inception to today’s superior products.

About Rob & Rob Payne Engineering

As a lifelong and experienced fisherman himself, Rob has a great reputation in the marine and boating industries for his creative designs and solutions to make a boat owner or tournament angler’s life easier.

Rob has great pleasure in offering his own designs & creations which will outlast the technology it was made for.  Having over 35 years experience in specialised Turning, Milling, Welding and Fabrication you can be guaranteed that you are getting the best on the market.

Michael Stubbin with a big cod caught using the transducer pole
Evolving & Expanding


June 2019

Rob Payne Engineering launches Australian made and designed transducer poles with a range to suit Garmin and Lowrance Live units. Soon after  moving  to a gunwhale and rail mount system. 1400mm + 1600mm poles to suit larger boats.

Early 2020

Humminbird model added. Modified in May 2020 to offer anglers a more slimline pole. After working with anglers in the Northern Territory creating and developing several models, we settled on what is now known as the N.T. Special.

Early 2021

Extensions added for 1400mm poles, for those requiring longer poles for higher sided boats. Also added a telescopic pole for anglers, particularly in the offshore scene, not wanting to deal with more cumbersome and heavy longer poles.

July 2021

Production now under the banner of Transducer Poles Australia with sales expanding into overseas market. Introduction of the Ultra and Ultra HD (heavy duty) poles which give anglers even more choice to suit their requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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A. Prices vary and are dependent on length, whether the pole is anodised, plain alloy  or carbon, mounting block model and modifications requested.

A. I am happy to have a chat via phone, text, messenger or email.

Mobile: 0428 076 592 or 0409 611 650



A. No, these poles are designed to work in low speed situations such as searching for fish within structure and as such should be taken out of the water when the boat is moving at speed.

A. These poles can either be mounted on the gunwhale or rail of a boat using the RAM components.

A. With the use of the RAM components, these poles can be mounted near a side console, at the bow or transom.

In rough conditions, the bow of the boat sees the most “up/down” movement and the transducer will not give a clear picture. Mounting the pole towards the rear of the boat will reduce this problem. Some customers have placed a number of mounting points in their boat and can change the position depending on the conditions.

A. We have found that the RAM components one of the strongest on the market and compliment our poles perfectly minimising movement of the transducer in the water.  This ultimately gives the customer a clearer picture on their screen.

A. We are confident that you will have no issues with our poles however if you do wish to discuss any matters, please contact us via phone, messenger or email and we will happily work with you.

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