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Slide Mount

the Slide Mount
Quick Release Brackets and Quick Release Plates (C,D & E Ball options)

Our Quick Release Brackets (Slide Ball & Plate) and Quick Release Plates (Plate only) have been designed, developed and manufactured by Transducer Poles Australia, in Australia, for the mounting and “quick release” of sounders and transducer poles.

This innovative product allows for anglers to quickly and efficiently move or remove their sounder and/or transducer pole.

Transducer Poles: Start at the helm whilst looking for fish before moving the pole to the front casting platform or your preferred fishing position.

Sounders: Mount or remove your sounder effortlessly. Can be used in any location in the boat where you would like to mount your sounder.

Additional Quick Release Plates are available so that mounting options are immense.


  1. Move your transducer pole quickly and efficiently to various points in your boat.
  2. Remove your transducer pole or sounder mount when not in use or to be stowed safely whilst travelling.
  3. Our quick release plates are only 20mm high allowing travel covers to be fitted directly over the top.
  4. No worries about having RAM Balls permanently mounted to the boat which can get in the way when skiing or partaking in non-fishing activities.
  5. Quick Release Plate suits C Balls, D Balls and E-Balls available through Transducer Poles Australia (balls have been modified to suit)

Plate Dimensions:
114mm long x 110 wide x 20 high

Hardware requirements: 4x M6 Countersunk Screws (not supplied)

Fitting hints:

Remove carpet or rubber from the area to be mounted for a more secure fitting of the quick release plate.

Use Tefgel on screws to avoid galvanic corrosion on alloy boats