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P.O. Box 437, Waterford QLD 4133
TRANSDUCER POLES AUSTRALIA are proudly Australian made. The poles HAVE BEEN designed and manufactured by Rob Payne Engineering in Brisbane, Australia sINCE 2019.
Built tough for marine conditions.
Our transducer poles have withstood the test of time with thousands of hours of on water use by fishing guides, pro-staffers, tournament anglers and those that just love catching more fish.
We pride ourselves in the ability to offer easily installed, robust user-friendly designs at a great price.
We supply live sonar solutions for Garmin, Lowrance & Humminbird equipping anglers with the whole package including transducer poles, state of the art mounting systems, power points, quick release mounts, RAM components, Fish Obsessed products and Bait-Pop.  In addition we can custom make poles to suit customer requirements.
Evolving designs to suit the ever changing sounder market and customers’ needs.
Built tough and can be passed down to the next generation of angler.

Thinking outside the box to make the perfect custom poles for our customers.

Pole Specifications

We fabricate transducer poles for all major brands including Garmin, Lowrance and Humminbird which are available either anodised, plain alloy or carbon material.

We understand not every boat is the same and work with our customers thinking outside the box to make the perfect custom poles for our customers.


  • Poles are made from 6061 grade alloy
  • Bolts are 316 stainless grade
  • Superior Carbon Poles

Mounting Blocks & Collars

  • High grade Acetyl

GARMIN, Lowrance, Humminbird Poles

Garmin Livescope Poles, Lowrance LiveSight Poles and Humminbird Poles (includes mounting block and locking collar). Recommended for use offshore, inshore, river and lake fishing.

  • Made to fit RAM D & E size components. C Size available
  • Standard – 1400mm or 1600 long/44mm diameter poles
  • Ultra & Ultra HD Poles 1600 long/32 diametre poles
  • Carbon poles – 1600 long/32mm & 36 diametre
  • Bearing & sleeved blocks for superior operation
  • Do it yourself kits – save freight and supply your own pole

For kayaks as well as still water fishing conditions right through to offshore.


Kits include handle, mounting block and locking collar.


50cm extension which can be added to the top of our standard poles.


Can be extended for use on high sided boats and collapsed for easy storage.


Take to the water and take your fishing to the highest level with the most versatile and innovative Garmin Livescope Plus mount available on the market. The original Dominator and zero-degree mount have been married together to put together this turn key package deal. More…


As the Australian Distributor for Bait-Pop, we are really proud to offer our local anglers an absolute game-changer in the live-scope arena and believe that Bait-Pop will revolutionise the live-scope experience no matter the environment or fish targeted. More…

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Telescopic Pole – suits Lowrance, Garmin & Humminbird Mega Live – MADE TO ORDER – PLEASE PHONE
Out of stock
Solid Ball – 57mm or 85mm diametre ball
1600 Aluminium Pole with Acetal or Aluminium Bolt On Handle
Spacer – 30mm high to lift RAM D & E Balls & Quick Release Plates
Carbon Pole 1600 / 36mm diametre & with Bolt-on Handle
Out of stock
RAM-D-2462U – RAM D Ball on 35mmx75mm base
Kayak Pole – suits RAM C Sizes
Extension Piece for 32mm dia transducer poles
Fish Obsessed Dominator Mount – Active Target **BACK IN STOCK END OF JUNE**
Out of stock
Ultra Free Bearing Mounting Block and Transducer Pole Options (32/36 dia)
Do-it-yourself Kit to suit 32mm tube
Fish Obsessed Dominator Mount – Garmin Livescope LVS34 **LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE**
** NEW** Ultra Free Sleeved Mounting Block and Transducer Pole Options (32/36 dia)
Bolt-On Handle (to suit 32mm tube)
Fish Obsessed Dominator Mount – Garmin Livescope LVS32 **BACK IN STOCK 25th June**
Out of stock
Kayak Pole – suits RAM C Sizes (Copy)
Collar to suit either 32mm or 44mm tube.
Fish Obsessed Garmin Livescope LVS32 Cable Savers
**NEW** C.V. Customer Value Transducer Poles
Mounting Block and Locking Collar (Suits 32 or 44mm dia tube)
0 Degree Straight 1.125″-1.375″ LVS32 Transducer Mount Adapter for Garmin Panoptix Livescope System **BACK IN STOCK IN JULY**
Out of stock
Carbon Pole 1600 – 32 dia with Bolt-on Handle
Extension Pole (Aluminium) to suit 44mm dia poles
0 Degree Livescope Plus LVS34 Pole Mount **STOCK DUE IN JULY
Out of stock
RAM-D-201U RAM Standard (Med) Clamp Arm (Joiner) **OUT OF STOCK – BACK IN STOCK MID JULY**
Out of stock
Do-it-yourself Kit to suit Humminbird 360 Shaft
0 Degree Lowrance Active Target Transducer Mount Adapter for 1.125″-1.375″ Shafts STOCK DUE IN JULY
Out of stock
RAM-D-202U Ram Round Base
Cable Clamp Kit to secure cables to poles
Ultra 1600 Transducer Pole (Suits RAM C components)
Quick Release Brackets & Plates – RAM C, D & E Size Options
Power Point Kits & Cables for Lowrance and Garmin
Ultra HD 1600 Transducer Pole (Suits RAM D & E components)
RAM-D-235U Rail Mount
BAIT-POP 4 Pack Mix
Standard 1400 Aluminium Transducer Pole – Garmin, Lowrance, Humminbird Mega Live
RAM D Size Short Clamp Arm (Joiner) RAM-D-201U-C
T.P.A. Fold-Down Sounder Mount **Limited Stock**
Standard 1600 Aluminium Transducer Pole – Garmin, Lowrance, Humminbird Mega Live
RAM® Double Socket Arm – E Size Short
Humminbird 360 Transducer Pole – SEE HUMMINBIRD KITS
Out of stock
RAM® Large Round Plate with Ball – E Size

HOW-To Videos and our Transducer Poles in Action

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