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Bait Pop


As the Australian Distributor for Bait-Pop, we are really proud to offer our local anglers an absolute game-changer in the live-scope arena.

We believe that Bait-Pop will revolutionise the live-scope experience no matter the environment or fish targeted.

Not only is Bait-Pop scented, this truly remarkable product intensifies on screen ALL lures, baits and even line. 

In a nutshell – Bait-Pop:

  • Increases the “size” of the lure on screen/makes the lure “brighter” 
  • Can be use on all lures, bait as well as line
  • Is scented – Hard (ideal for hard bodied lures or where a stronger scent is required) through to Mild then Soft
  • Lasts a long time once applied 
  • No mess applicator
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Made with biodegradeable and food grade materials.
Bait-Pop UV Scent Intensity
Blue N Hard – Garlic
Chartruese Y Hard – Aniseed
Gamefish N Hard – Aniseed
Monkey Milk N Mild – Aniseed
Gold N Mild – Aniseed
Crawfish N Mild – Shrimp
Pink Y Soft – Shrimp
Ice Out N Soft – Shrimp

BAIT-POP with built in scent and Sparklscales has been designed to increase the visibility of lures, line and bait on live sonar units.

Stop missing catchable fish. Repulsive scents, unappealing presentations, and not seeing your bait on live sonar are all too costly. With Bait-Pop you can eliminate these problems.

You don’t have to have live sonar to use Bait-Pop; Bait-Pop will help all anglers whether fishing from the bank or trying to win tournaments.

Bait-Pop can be used on soft plastics, hard bodied lures, jerk baits, squid jigs, top water lures, live baits and can even be used to make your line visible when using lures on the bottom . 

Although the Bait-Pop tubes are small, they last a really long time (anglers have reported re-applying every hour is sufficient).   The pharmacist formulated paste is thick enough so it lasts a long time on your lure without washing off like a lot of other scents do while effectively dispersing in the water. 

Fish can smell. “In fact modern science shows fish rely on their olfactory system more than we ever thought”.  The Fish Formula scents have been proven with Samford University studies to attract fish. With 100% of every single fish of all species going directly to the Fish Formula scent.

With these new formulations, we have a super clean no mess applicator to eliminate any mess plus these formulas won’t ruin your carpet, so just simply wipe up Bait-Pop from your boat’s carpet if you spill some. 

These products are eco-friendly. Using Bait-Pop will not harm the environment! We have made sure we used only biodegradable materials and food grade materials.

Made in the U.S.A.