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Garmin Set Up Instructions


  1. Transducer pole (1400mm or 1600mm long/ 44mm diameter) x1 (Photo 1)
  2. Mounting Block x1 (Photo 2)
  3. Large Tensioning Knob (supplied on Mounting Block) x1
  4. Countersunk screws (supplied on Mounting Block) x3
  5. Locking (height adjusting) Collar x1 (Photo 2)
  6. Thumbscrew (supplied on Locking Collar) x 1

CUSTOMER TO SUPPLY (available in TPA Shop)

    1. RAM Round Base with 2.25” D Ball (RAM-D-202U) attaches to Mounting Block
    2. RAM Short Clamp Arm Size 2.25” (RAM-D-201U-C) joiner 
    3. RAM Round Base with 2.25” D Ball (RAM-D-202U) attaches to gunwhale of boat OR RAM Double U-Bolt Base with 2.25” D Ball (RAM-D-235U) attaches to rail on boat
    4. 5mm Allen Key


  1. Establish the position of your transducer pole and whether it will be gunwhale or rail mounted.  Choose the appropriate RAM components to suit and attach to the boat (rail or gunwhale).   You may wish to have more than one mounting point on the boat.  
  2. Remove the 3x bolts supplied on the back of the mounting block.
  3. Place the RAM Round Base on the back of the mounting block and line up holes.  Attach firmly using the bolts supplied with a size 5 Allen key. (Photo 2)
  4. Use a RAM Clamp Arm to join the ball mount on the pole to the ball mount on the boat. (Photo 3)
  5. Loosen the Large Tensioning Knob on the Mounting Block and establish the correct height for the pole for your boat and tighten (do not over-tighten).
  6. Use the Locking (height adjusting) Collar to permanently “lock” this position so that it is at the required length every time the pole is deployed.


Refer to instructions received with your unit.

Please contact Transducer Poles Australia if you have any issues.


Not every boat is created equal and neither is every angler.  Transducer Poles Australia offer anglers the right fit for your fishing requirements and your ideal boat set-up.

  1. Choose the location to mount the transducer pole where you primarily fish and where you have a good view of your sounder screen.
  2. Many anglers choose to fit the pole close to their “work station” which is often towards the bow of the boat.  This is ideal in most situations however when the conditions are rough, consider a second mounting position towards the rear of the boat where there is less “up/down” movement.  The less movement, the clearer the screen picture.Another position can be near a side console and can be used when operating the combustion motor at low speed when searching for structure and fish.
  3. This transducer pole is not to be used at moderate to high speed and like your trolling/electric motor, the pole should be removed from the water and stowed.