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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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A. Prices vary and are dependent on length, whether the pole is anodised or plain alloy and modifications requested.

A. I am happy to have a chat via phone, text, messenger or email.

Mobile: 0428 076 592 or 0409 611 650



A. No, these poles are designed to work in low speed situations such as searching for fish within structure and as such should be taken out of the water when the boat is moving at speed.

A. These poles can either be mounted on the gunwhale or rail of a boat using the RAM components.

A. With the use of the RAM components, these poles can be mounted near a side console, at the bow or transom.

In rough conditions, the bow of the boat sees the most “up/down” movement and the transducer will not give a clear picture. Mounting the pole towards the rear of the boat will reduce this problem. Some customers have placed a number of mounting points in their boat and can change the position depending on the conditions.

A. We have found that the RAM components one of the strongest on the market and compliment our poles perfectly minimising movement of the transducer in the water.  This ultimately gives the customer a clearer picture on their screen.

A. We are confident that you will have no issues with our poles however if you do wish to discuss any matters, please contact us via phone, messenger or email and we will happily work with you.