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Northern Territory Special

the Northern Territory Special
After working with anglers in the Northern Territory creating and developing several models, we settled on what is now known as the N.T. Special.
These poles are well suited to fishing in areas of large tidal movement with a sturdy upper section utilising the strength of D Size RAM components whilst achieving less drag in the water with the thinner diametre lower section of pole.
NT Special Transducer Poles
Includes mounting block and locking collar.
Recommended in areas with higher water flow situations, developed by Northern Territory anglers fishing the fast currents experienced in northern Australia.
Also suitable for offshore, inshore, river and lake fishing.
Made to fit RAM D size components
Standard 1400mm long/44mm diameter upper tapering to 32mm bottom section
Anodised black or plain alloy option



Transducer pole, either anodised or plain alloy
Mounting block with countersunk screws (To fit D Size RAM Ball on most poles or C Size RAM Ball on the Ultra model) + collared eye bolt tensioner
Collar with adjusting cap screw



D Size RAM components to suit Mounting Block and boat set-up. Poles can either be mounted on the gunwhale or rail mounted. Fittings for Garmin, Lowrance, Hummingbird, N.T. Special, telescopic and Ultra HD poles. Please check measurements with your vessel to ensure the correct joiner size.

  1. RAM Round Base with 2.25” D Ball (RAM-D-202U) attaches to Mounting Block
  2. RAM Short Clamp Arm Size 2.25” (RAM-D-201U-C) joiner
  3. RAM Round Base with 2.25” D Ball (RAM-D-202U) attaches to gunwhale of boat OR

RAM Double U-Bolt Base with 2.25” D Ball (RAM-D-235U) attaches to rail on boat

Ultra Pole RAM Components

  1. RAM Round Base with 1.5″ C Ball (RAM-202U)
  2. RAM Short Clamp Arm C Size 1.5″ (RAM-201U-B)
  3. RAM Double U-Bolt Base with 1.5″ C Ball (RAM-235U)

Ultra HD Pole (if using RAM C size fittings)

  • RAM 93mm Round Base with C Ball (RAM-240U)